Karagöz Family has always been one of the most significant names of olive cultivation in Gömeç and around, since the early years of the Republic of Turkey to today. Olive cultivation is the only profession of our family. Our family has always met consumers’ quality and confidence demands, only with our own trees’ crops through the experience and savings that we have gained for generations. With Boztepe Brand, our family undertakes the mission of protecting this unique taste, wich was handed down from generation to generation as natural as its very first day.

For the last two generations, the family educated in engineering and through this education that they received, they transferred the world wide scientific developments on olive cultivation field into practice in their own olive groves. As a result, they were certified by Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock’s Good Agricultural Practices certificate. Since the agricultural chemicals are not used in our Good Agriculture certified olive groves, our olive oil doesn’t contain any chemical residuals.

A century old Boztepe olive trees are located at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level and all of them are Ayvalık type trees. The area is located in a peerless geography, situated between Kaz Mountains, which produces oxygen more than anywhere in the world, in the North and Madra Mountains in the southeast. In this region, the Northeast winds supply oxygen predominantly, the thymes grown between trees and sea air give a delicious and characteristic aroma to Boztepe olive oil.

The ideal taste aimed at manufacturing high-quality olive oil is affected by some factors such as: region’s climate, soil fertility, the ways of harvesting olives and tree trimming, fertilizer and features of mechanic olive grinder machines. In addition, it must be known that depending on the microclimate, the exquisite olive oil taste is obtained in The Gulf of Edremit region. For this reason, the olive oil, produced in The Gulf of Edremit is the highest rank thanks to its chemical and sensory features.


“Olive Cultivation is not our extra job, it’s our only profession for generations.’’

-Boztepe trees were certified by Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock’s Good Agricultural Practices certificate.

-All our olive trees are in our own gardens in Boztepeler district. Therefore, they are all grown under the same climate conditions and standards. The quality, taste and aroma of olive oil are the same for each bottle.

- We only extract our own Ayvalık type trees’ olives and we present it to your table.

-Our olives are extracted within about 4 hours after the harvest without losing their distinctive taste and ingredients. And then, it is conserved for three months in special air-conditioned rooms by keeping them away from warmth and light in rust-free steel tanks and it is controlled regularly.

-Boztepe Natural Extra-Virgin Olive Oils; are in the top-quality category which can be consumed both as uncooked and directly as olive’s taste, smell and vitamins are preserved perfectly.

-Boztepe Olive Oil contains polyphenol and antioxidant, that are good for health, substantially.

-With Ayvalık olive type that grown in Gulf of Edremit’s olive groves, our country’s top-quality olive oils are obtained with regard to both Ayvalık type features and ergonomic conditions.


Boztepe Olive Oils is obtained from 7600 olive trees spread on a terrain about 600.000 square meters in Balıkesir’s Gömeç district, Boztepeler area without refining process and it is produced as limited. The olives, which are harvested daily during the harvest season, are sent to be extracted within 4 hours without causing the oil to undergo oxidation. During the manufacturing process, the surfaces that the products touch are only chrome. Thanks to high technology of olive grinding, it does not result the loss of vaporizable beneficial components such as antioxidants and polyphenols. In addition, with regard to the low temperature, in terms of aromatic properties, a richer olive oil is obtained.

The reason why the production is limited is that we share our table’s Good Agriculture certificated oil which is extracted without allowing any mixture of any other olive type as well as pressing the olives immediately upon harvesting.

Our olive oil is dark green emerald colour, it has a specific smell. It is highly pungent and bitter. In olive oil the bitterness felt on your tongue and pungency felt in the back of your throat are the positive features and they are elements that reflect the criteria for olive oil quality. The bitter olive oil contains more phenol and it’s durable for a longer time.

In addition, apart from the olive trees in our terrain, some herbs such as thyme and sage also grow there naturally which they add extra flavor to the olives that we grow.